Brief History of Pharmacy: Past and Future

The journey of pharmacy is a fascinating chapter that traces back to the Arabs of the 2nd century, pioneers in the art of creating medicines. Their innovative techniques of distillation, plant extraction, and substance mixing gave rise to apothecaries, where pharmacists and apothecaries, true masters in the manipulation of remedies, served both the local population […]

Digital Hospital Pharmacy Transformation and Innovation

Leadership and Change Management In addition to the technical aspects of hospital pharmacy, pharmacists frequently play leadership and management roles in their roles. Therefore, it is important to include modules developing change management and leadership skills. This can cover topics such as: 1-Leadership 4.0 and the Digital Revolution The exploration of emerging technological trends (IoT, […]

Uncovering the causes of Hospital Readmission and Transforming Patient Health

Hospital readmissions represent a constant problem in hospitals, as if their causes are not identified, measured and controlled, they can increase risks for patients and financial losses for institutions. Hospital readmission is the term used by Anvisa (Brazil), Medicare (USA) and other health agencies worldwide to refer to the calculation of the patient’s return within […]

Digital Transformation: Automation in Hospitals and Patient Safety

The inspiration for this article came from the feeling of sharing important issues not mentioned so openly before. It was through participation as a listener in November/2022, in the webinar organized by the Healthcare Alliance and with the support of SindHosp and IQG (Qualisa Institute of Health Management) where it was possible to follow a rich debate between health professionals focused on Patient […]

LQS – Lean, Quality and Safety

QA (Quality Assurance) – or Quality Control – is a discipline that also involves Patient Safety, according to the IOM – Institute of Medicine. Since 2002, Lean has been integrated with Lean Healthcare as a hospital discipline that seeks to increase quality, reduce waste, optimize delivery time and occupied spaces, improving customer-oriented processes, in this case […]

Opus MK5 – the automated oral liquids fractionation machine

The case described is a pilot project of a hospital complex consisting of 6 hospitals with a total of 1,800 beds. In July 2020 the Santa Casa de Misericordia of Porto Alegre acquired the Opus MK5 automated machine for the automatic fractionation of oral liquid meds. Opus MK5 is marketed by Opuspac Hospital Automation and manufactured by […]

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