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When you make a purchase or hire a service at Opuspac or our affiliated companies, you provide us with some personal data to facilitate your operation. Opuspac values the security of your data, respects your privacy, and is transparent with you. Therefore, we have dedicated this document to explain how your personal data will be treated by Opuspac and the measures we apply to keep them secure.

First and foremost, let us introduce ourselves. We are Opuspac Indústria e Comércio de Máquinas Ltda, registered under CNPJ 10.780.790/0001-29, headquartered in Louveira City, State of São Paulo, at 68 Humberto Pela Street, Leitão Neighborhood. According to the definition provided by the General Data Protection Law “LGPD” (Federal Law No. 13,709/2018 –, most of the time, we will be the controller of your information, responsible for determining what happens to this data and protecting it.

To facilitate the understanding of this policy, every time you encounter the terms “Opuspac,” “we,” or “our,” we are referring to the controller of your personal data, meaning the companies of the Opuspac Group. Every time you read “user,” “you,” “your,” or “yours,” we are referring to you, our customer or user of our platforms.

Whenever we mention the Opuspac Group, we are referring to our affiliates, subsidiaries, controlled and controlling companies. You can access the information on the website through the link

Acceptance of our policy will occur when you register on our platform. This acceptance will be given when you agree to the use of your data for each of the purposes described here. This indicates that you are aware and in full agreement with how we will use your information and data.

If you choose not to provide us with the necessary personal data to use our products and/or services or do not agree with this Privacy Policy, we cannot provide you with our products and/or services. If you disagree with this policy, please end your visit to this site. However, please inform us of your disagreement so that we can clarify or improve it.

To help you understand this policy, it is important to provide you with some definitions:

  • Data processing agents: the controller and the operator.
  • Controller: a natural or legal person, public or private, responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data.
  • Personal Data: any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: personal data about racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, or membership in a religious, philosophical, or political organization, data related to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data when linked to a natural person.
  • Operator: a natural or legal person, public or private, who processes personal data on behalf of the controller.
  • Data Subject: a natural person to whom the processed personal data refers.
  • Processing: any operation performed with personal data, including collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation, or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.

All information provided by you must be true, and regarding your personal data, please read the Opuspac Group Privacy Policy in full.

By accepting these Terms, the user is responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the information provided by them, even if considered incorrect, subject to all applicable sanctions under Brazilian law, including criminal liability.

By checking the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use” checkbox and clicking the acceptance button on the initial screen, you agree to the Terms freely and confirm that you have read and agree to its conditions.

During your experience with Opuspac, including browsing the website, we may collect different types of personal data, either automatically for verification, monitoring, and control purposes, or provided directly by you, such as for the completion of your registration. Below are the types of personal data we may collect in each situation:

During registration:
– Full name;
– Email address;
– Phone number;
– Position/title;
– Institution name;
– CNPJ (Brazilian business registration number);
– City/state.

Below, we provide information that will only be accessed if you authorize us. You can revoke this authorization at any time using our customer service channels or the following link:

Information that may be collected:
– Social login information, if you register through a social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google, and authorize this collection;
– Information about you that has become public through your actions or is publicly available;
– Information collected from third parties, such as commercial representation companies, sales automation tools, and CRM tools, including additional data to your registration (name, phone number, position/title, institution, among others).

We use personal data to ensure quality service and a better experience in your purchases, technical service provision, and access to informative content. Below are the purposes for which we may use your personal data:

Registration data:
– To facilitate the provision of various services available within our Opuspac Group.
– To handle requests and inquiries through our Customer Service and Technical Support via technical support calls and customer service.
– To correctly identify the user/customer.
– To send purchased products or communications about offers and informative content.
– To contact you when necessary. This contact may cover various subjects, such as communication about promotions and offers, responses to questions, handling of complaints and requests, updates on orders placed, and delivery information.
– To assist in diagnosing and solving technical problems.
– To develop new features and improvements, enhancing your experience with our available services.
– To ensure compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or ensure the regular exercise of Opuspac Group’s rights. In these cases, we may even use and present information in judicial and administrative processes, if necessary.
– To collaborate with the fulfillment of court orders, competent authority requirements, or regulatory body requests.
– To enhance the security level of your registration data or prevent potential fraud.

Navigation data:
– To assist in diagnosing and solving technical problems.
– To develop new features and improvements, enhancing your experience with our available services.

As the controller of data under applicable legislation, Opuspac Group may also process, collect, store, and share with companies directly or indirectly controlled by Opuspac Group, always strictly observing the law, your personal data, and registration information, as well as active and passive operations and contracted services, for the following purposes: (i) ensuring greater security and preventing fraud; (ii) ensuring your proper identification, qualification, and authentication; (iii) preventing money laundering and other illicit activities; (iv) improving the service and products provided; (v) making offers of products and services suitable and relevant to your interests and needs according to your profile; and (vi) other legitimate purposes, such as supporting and promoting Opuspac Group’s activities or providing services that benefit customers.

We emphasize that new online services provided by Opuspac Group will automatically be subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of their use.


For the execution of the activities listed above, whenever necessary, we may share your personal data with other companies within our group, service providers, partners, or regulatory bodies. We never sell personal data. Below is a summary of these possibilities:

Service Providers/Commercial Representatives: to provide our products and services with quality, we collaborate with various service providers who process the personal data collected on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. These service providers mainly work on database updates and enrichment and cloud storage.

Other Opuspac Group Companies: your personal data may be shared with other Opuspac Group companies operating under the same level of security and privacy, including our affiliates, subsidiaries, controlled and controlling companies. This is done to improve our products, services, and solutions offered to our customers and platform users, as well as to enable unified management of our entire portfolio.


We adopt the best techniques to protect the personal data collected from unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, communication, or any form of improper or unlawful treatment, including encryption mechanisms. However, we emphasize that no platform is completely secure. If you have any concerns or suspect that your data is at risk, please contact us through our customer service channels, and we will be happy to assist you promptly.

Your personal data will be retained throughout the period you are an active Opuspac customer. After this period, we may store your personal data for an additional period for auditing purposes or to enable compliance with legal or regulatory obligations. We will retain your data for the necessary period, respecting the deadlines established by applicable law.


We may use certain monitoring technologies to collect information about activities on our digital platforms and brand applications. Information collected through such technologies is used to perform website performance metrics, identify issues in use, capture user behavior in general, and collect content impression data.

Below are some technologies that may be present on the Opuspac website:

Cookies: a cookie is a small file added to the user’s device to provide a personalized access experience to the platform. Cookies help analyze internet traffic and let us know when the user visited a specific site. A cookie does not grant access to a computer or reveal information beyond the data the user chooses to share with us.

Pixels: pixels are parts of JavaScript code installed in our applications, websites, or in the body of an email. They are used to track and collect information about user activities, allowing the identification of user access patterns, navigation, interests, and product purchases, optimizing content targeting.

Web beacon: a web beacon is a technique that allows mapping who is visiting a specific web page, identifying user behavior with different websites or web servers.

Analytics tools: these tools can collect information about how users visit our website, and social media from Opuspac brands, which pages they visit, when they visit these pages, other sites visited before, among others.


Some of your personal data may be transferred to other countries, for example, when we use cloud computing services for data processing or storage located outside Brazil, such as Google Drive services. But don’t worry, Opuspac also observes all requirements established in current legislation in these situations and adopts the best market practices to ensure the protection and privacy of your personal data.


Transparency about the processing of your personal data is a priority for Opuspac. In addition to the information provided in this Privacy Policy, you can also exercise the rights provided by the General Data Protection Law, including:

Confirmation of the existence of personal data processing.

Access to personal data.

Revocation of consent.

Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated personal data.

Deletion of personal data processed with consent or unnecessary, excessive, or when it is believed that some point of the LGPD was not met.

Information about the hypotheses and with which companies, partners, and other institutions we can share or receive personal data concerning you.

Information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of refusal, when applicable.

All requests will be processed free of charge and will be subject to a prior assessment of your identity and the feasibility of compliance to fulfill any obligations that may prevent the complete fulfillment of the requests of the rightful owners.


We will treat your personal data with high levels of protection and ensure your privacy while navigating our platforms and using our services, or as a potential customer with whom we share our product and service offerings.

When applicable, and even if you choose to delete your personal data from our database, Opuspac may retain some or all of your personal data for additional periods to fulfill legal or regulatory obligations, for the regular exercise of Opuspac’s rights, any legal actions, various audit purposes, or other periods defined and justified by legal bases for the retention of this data.


We are constantly seeking to improve our customer experience. Therefore, our personal data processing practices may change with the inclusion of new features and services, without prior notice.

We value transparency in how we handle your personal data. Every time a relevant condition of this Privacy Policy is changed, these changes will be valid, effective, and binding after the new version is published on our website.


By using the Services, you agree to comply with Brazilian law and the provisions in these Terms and Conditions of Use, and you should not produce, provide, or share any content that:

a) Involves the commission of illegal acts and violates current Brazilian law;

b) Violates the rights of third parties or Opuspac Group rights;

c) Is false, incorrect, inaccurate, untimely, and may mislead others;

d) Provides or allows access to illegal, violent, pornographic content, or any other act contrary to law and public order;

e) Induces discrimination or incites hatred against individuals and/or groups of people based on nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, physical condition, nationality, among other acts contrary to public order and current Brazilian law;

f) Is protected by third-party intellectual property rights, and you do not have prior authorization to use it;

g) Contains viruses or other elements capable, due to their characteristics (such as form, extent, etc.), of causing damage or preventing the regular operation of Opuspac Group’s network or computer equipment (“hardware” and “software”) or third parties.

While you enjoy the offered Services, you are responsible for:

a) Any act, action, or omission carried out on our institutional websites, taking responsibility for the commission of any illegal act by you;

b) The content generated by you;

c) Repairing damages caused to third parties;

d) Your own internet access and payment for network access services;

e) The equipment necessary to connect to the internet, such as a computer and modem, ensuring the proper security of the environment, using tools such as antivirus and firewall;

  1. f) Not using the Services for purposes other than those indicated on institutional websites.


Opuspac Group uses the best recommended market practices to keep all user-entered data on the site secure. However, it does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not use illicit means to obtain such information improperly. Thus, Opuspac Group disclaims responsibility for damages of any kind that may arise from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of any information provided.

Without prejudice to other disclaimers indicated in this document, you acknowledge that Opuspac Group will not be responsible for:

1) Any loss of utility that you may attribute to the Services, their fallibility, or any difficulty in accessing them resulting from conduct attributable to third parties, such as internet service providers, for example;

2) The presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the Services, capable of causing changes to your computer systems (software and hardware), electronic documents, with Opuspac Group disclaiming any responsibility for any damages arising from any harmful elements inserted by third parties;

3) Damages of any kind arising from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of any data provided in the Services, due solely to a user-related failure or third parties that escape any reasonable control.


Whenever you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, even after reading it, or need to interact with us regarding matters involving your personal data, you can do so:

Through our available customer service channels at, requesting options regarding the privacy of your personal data, whenever available; or
via email:


The Terms and Conditions of Use will be governed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, with the user being competent to resolve any doubts arising from these Terms. The parties elect the Court of Louveira, State of São Paulo, to resolve any dispute related to these Terms. It is clear that the use of Services and orders placed outside the Brazilian territory, or resulting from operations initiated abroad, may also be subject to the legislation and jurisdiction of the authorities of the countries where they are placed or initiated.

We recommend checking the updated version of this Privacy Policy whenever you browse our Opuspac Group website.

We are always available to clarify your doubts and put you in control of your personal data.

Update: November 23, 2020.

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